Satori Vendor Risk Management

Do you know your current vendor risk?

Vendor failure can seriously impact business operations and result in financial loss.

Organisations typically only perform vendor risk assessments at an initial engagement. Vendor risk profiles can change rapidly and when they do, need addressing as a matter of urgency. Restructures, takeovers, legal disputes or financial stress are all cause for concern and need monitoring on an ongoing basis.

Case 1

Manufacturer A uses a highly specialised part only available from Manufacturer B. If Manufacturer B becomes insolvent, this may comprise Manufacturer A’s ability to continue production and meet commitments to their customers. Early warning of potential vendor failure or temporary disruption to supply is vital.

Case 2

A vendor experiencing financial stress may resort to unethical practices. These could include short supply, improperly disputing claims or requests for advance payment with no intention of completing the order.

Monitor your vendor risk

SatoriVRM matches vendor ABNs through the CreditorWatch platform to determine a creditworthiness score for all your vendors. The scores are based on data from:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • Australian Business Register (ABR and ABN Lookup);
  • Insolvency notices from the Insolvency Notices Register administered by ASIC;
  • Actions from courts around Australia;
  • Payment defaults from 50,000+ organisations; and
  • Mercantile enquiries lodged by agents (debt collectors).

The vendor risk is further refined utilising activity and transactional data, such as:

  • Purchase order activity;
  • Invoice dollar value and volume;
  • Future contract information;
  • Rebate claims; and
  • Vendor creation or modification.


Alerts are accessed via a web browser following an email notification. Escalation occurs if alerts are not actioned. No alerts will slip through the gaps.


Automates the checking and monitoring process to ensures that vendors risk is identified and addressed in a timely manner.


With automation, immediately achieve time savings, reduce exposure to potential financial losses or damage to reputation.

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Mitigate your vendor risk

Vendor risk alerts require investigation and action. Each alert is managed to ensure it is understood, followed up and remediated. This provides visibility into root cause, trends in activity and potential improvements to processes. Investigations might result in blocking payments or vendors until further investigation is undertaken and the risk is mitigated. This can be assisted through detailed CreditorWatch reports on an individual vendor.

SatoriVRM information flow


  • Early identification
  • Rapid response
  • Assurance of mitigation
  • Reduced financial loss
  • Reduce manual activity
  • Highly targeted alerts
  • Accountability

Examples of alerts

  • Vendors with a “Critical” score and purchase orders over $xxK waiting to be approved.
  • Vendors score changes from “Low” to “High” and total spend over the last 12 months is greater than $xxK.
  • Vendors with a change in risk score and not registered for GST but charging GST.
  • Rapid change in risk score within a short period of time or general downward trend.

The SatoriVRM package includes

  • Cloud or On-premise solution
  • Browser based
  • Month to month subscription
  • Low impact on resources
  • 100% coverage continuously