15 - 17 Jun Brisbane

Galvanize (ACL) 303 Advanced Concepts and Techniques – Brisbane

This course is designed for advanced Analytics users to learn how to use functions and scripts to add power to their data analysis.

3 days / 24 CPE Credits

Training Overview

Advanced Concepts and Techniques – Functions and Scripts

ACL, the company, is now called Galvanize and ACL Analytics, is now simply called AnalyticsAs a legacy to the old name our courses are still named ACL 101, 201, 303 etc.

This course is designed for experienced Analytics users or users that have used ACL in the past. This course is designed to teach participants how to use functions and scripts to add power to their data analysis and do more in less time. Participants will learn how to use functions to create complex computed fields and advanced filters.

They will also learn how to use scripts to automate repetitive Analytics tasks, which saves valuable time, and to preserve best practices, which prevents errors and results in better controls.

Galvanize certified trainers will show you how to implement scripts into your daily routine, and they will guide you through activities that illustrate how to work with scripts and functions efficiently and easily.

The course runs over 3 days and constitutes 24 CPE Credits.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Create simple interactive scripts to implement routines, continuous monitoring and gain further insight into your data
  • Apply Analytics functions to perform parsing and harmonisation of complex fields
  • Apply Analytics functions to search for matching data

Date and Time




Completion of an ACL 101 course is strongly recommended or at least six months experience using Analytics (or previously, ACL)