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Continuous Control Monitoring

What’s on this page?

What is Continuous Control Monitoring?

Continuous Control Monitoring is an automated and independent reassurance process that ensures:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Cross-system transactions
  • Operational controls

are operating effectively, efficiently and achieving their function.


How Does CCM, Continuous Control Monitoring Work?

The impact of Continuous Control Monitoring on Audit Analytics

Audit analytics in the broader context of a continuous auditing paradigm is changing the nature, timing and extent of ‘traditional’ audit testing.

In a traditional audit, internal control and substantive testing are periodically performed to evaluate management assertions. Prior to automation, audit clerks focused largely on substantive testing. The labour and time intensiveness of this approach was influential in adopting audit sampling and systems of controls reliance.This paradigm shift made the management of audit risk more challenging.

The application of data analytic techniques to substantive testing enables the cost-effective review of entire data populations, as well as providing reliable information regarding key control effectiveness. We are no longer limited by the technology but rather by our ability to interpret, manage and understand the data before us.

This Guide exposes the many facets surrounding audit analytics and how they benefit from continuous control monitoring

Audit Analytics Download

What’s inside?

  • The 5 Levels of Audit Analytics Model
  • What risks to analyse a range of potential “low hanging fruit” tests for high risk areas including Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable
  • Important considerations and implications for auditors

Total Exception Management

The truth is in the transaction

Imagine a fire alarm, protecting your entire organisation and notifying you at the first sign of trouble. Continuous Control Monitoring ensures a structured approach and follow through on exceptions, with non-action resulting in escalation to a higher authority.

Learn how to ensure total data integrity to protect your business from unnecessary risks, costly mistakes and fraud in our Total Exception Management Guide

Assurance of continuous auditing means peace of mind for businesses with medium to high transaction volumes and large numbers of employees. The keys to continuous improvement of business processes are in your hands.

See through the complexity of systems and processes and you know your business inside out

Discover the Truth

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Benefits of Continuous Control Monitoring

Have Greater Peace of Mind

  • Increase the integrity and accuracy of data
  • Monitor for mistakes and fraud on a DAILY basis
  • Identify abnormalities as soon as they occur, before they escalate
  • Catch payments BEFORE they are made

See Results Immediately

  • SatoriCCM usually starts with areas of common risk like Accounts payable, Payroll and Purchase Cards Spending, finding exceptions immediately
  • As your framework grows, SatoriCCM customises your tests to suit your company’s needs

Save Time and Resources

  • Management of Exceptions from detection to resolution to ensure proper action is taken
  • Automatic testing of high volumes of transactional and Master file data
  • Continuous monitoring of multiple, disparate data sources

Improve Internal Controls

  • Identify any control breakdowns in your organisation
  • Identify process issues and root causes
  • Fix weaknesses as you manage the exceptions
  • Alter organisational behaviour and discourage fraud

Hard Truths

  • Four out of ten Australian organisations are victims of fraud
  • Over a third of these costs in excess 0f $1,000,000 for the organisation
  • Organisations only recover on average 11% of losses, even in prosecuted cases
  • Money becomes harder to retrieve over time, if not detected in a timely manner
  • SatoriCCM has saved one customer over $1,200,000 a year in over-payments

Fully Serviced

  • Delivered as a Managed service solution
  • Can be implemented as a cloud solution to reduce IT infrastructure costs
  • Monthly subscription fee inclusive of software, services, upgrades, and on-going monitoring, training and reporting

Why we created SatoriCCM?

…to change people’s behaviour, create a culture where the rules are being implemented ….of being mindful with a company’s money and set the tone for the organisation

Gavin Steinberg
CEO, Satori Group

The business world’s Finance and Audit Departments have never had so many accountability requirements, high standards of governance and ongoing demands for financial reporting transparency and accuracy.

A large number of transactions increase the risk of exposure to fraud and process errors. This, along with the requirement for a high level of assurance, creates a need for a better solution for visibility and governance and hence SatoriCCM was born, to tackle these the pain points and challenges.

An automated and independent re-assurance process 

Ensure your Policies, Procedures, Cross System Checks and System Controls are working effectively, efficiently,
are well designed and achieving their function continuously.

Why we created SatoriCCM? >

A full control solution across all business areas and all business data.

Accounts Payable

Our Champion: Natalya Levenkova

In this short slide show our GM of Customer Success, Natalya Levenkova, explores the most popular subject area for CCM, Accounts Payable. 

Our customers save phenomenal amounts of cash every day by preventing and addressing the causes of duplicate invoices.

If a duplicate invoice is paid you may never be able to recover the full amount of cash lost. In this intro Natalya covers how CCM is much more than just exception reporting.

SatoriCCM’s impact

SatoriCCM is the only way for CFOs and Financial Controllers to sleep better at night. We are the continuous control monitoring specialists, and we’re the best at it.

Troy Nicholson
Director – Satori CCM, Satori Group Australia

What is SatoriCCM and How does it work?

SatoriCCM is more than exception reporting, it is Exception Management.

The SatoriCCM solution provides an automated process that gives independent re-assurance that your business controls are working and doing what they were intended to do. But there is so much more to it. Errors and oversight, policies and control breaches, control failures, fraud prevention, business oversight, control features and so much more that one should really take the time to fully understand them all.

We created a handy guide to help you understand SatoriCCM in detail, what it is and how it works?

A full control solution across all business areas:

Accounts Payable

  • Duplicate invoices – Multiple combinations and using fuzzy logic
  • GST amount validation
  • Open credits – Credits not set off against future supplier invoices.Can sit there for months or years or potential never be recovered.
  • PO date after invoice date

Vendor Master

  • Duplicate vendors
  • Missing data
  • Invalid ABN
  • Dormant vendors
  • Suppliers charging GST not registered for GST

People and Culture

  • Invalid or missing TFN
  • Duplicate bank accounts or addresses (Most probably familymembers or partners but is there a conflict of interest risk?Does the relationship need to be declared?
  • Employees acting in higher duties with no end date
  • Over or underpayments to staff
  • Superannuation inaccuracies

Credit Cards

  • Personal expenditure
  • Spend whilst on leave
  • Card holder not in employee master file
  • Multiple disputes
  • Cash withdrawals

And More…

  • Accounts receivable (discounts to customers, credit terms being abused, ensuring billing is accurate)
  • Procurement (split PO’s, PO’s open for a long period, staff exceeding spend limits, non preferred suppliers)
  • Rebates, chargebacks and claims
  • Fleet
  • General Journals

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