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At Satori, we understand that audit executives, fraud examiners and compliance professionals are pressured on all fronts to shorten audit cycles, increase audit efficiencies, expand coverage, and focus valuable resources on investigating and assessing areas of high risk. A more stringent regulatory environment, increased pressure for immediate results, and the need to conduct more frequent financial, operational, and compliance audit assessments are changing the scope of your work – and how you need to manage it. 

Satori Analytics enables you to effectively and efficiently access and analyse all transactional data across the enterprise. Satori Analytics is designed specifically for audit and compliance professionals to produce better results. 

Key Features of Satori Analytics


  • Simple and efficient interface to construct your queries and analysis 
  • Option to launch queries on SAP® data from Excel or other desktop applications 
  • Integrate data with dashboards and data visualisation tools to provide management and users with timely, custom information 
  • Create custom queries to access every potential SAP® table (restricted by user security) 
  • Find exceptions in data, whether operational, financial, or IT 
  • Create analyses that merge SAP® data with flat files, databases, and other legacy data sources

Analytics Product Sheet

What’s inside?

  • A 2 page snapshot on the Features and Benefits of Satori Analytics
  • Learn more about the full service nature of this solution
  • Discover why Satori Analytics is faster, more affordable and gives you easier access to your data.
With Satori Analytics you can:

Easily import all data types and formats, whether housed in ERPs, CRM, enterprise systems, legacy systems, or customised applications. With Satori Analytics, there is no limit on the number of records or file size that you can access and analyse.

Satori Analytics provides read only data access; source data is never altered or deleted. Data access profiles within Satori Analytics adhere to existing security and access controls. 

Leverage audit-specific functionality. Satori Analytics contains a full suite of ready-to-use audit commands and capabilities that enable you to immediately conduct complex analyses or statistical sampling. 

Create and store scripts to capture routine audit tests to re-use and share with your team members. Script automation also enables you to implement a continuous auditing approach to support your audit objectives and help meet regulatory compliance deadlines. 

Satori Analytics records all commands and results, creating a comprehensive audit trail that allows you to conduct effective peer reviews and provide a credible body of evidence for attestation purposes. 

Satori Analytics Server provides greater efficiency by freeing up your desktop computer and enabling you to schedule the execution of analytics on a Windows Server.   Data resides and is processed on the server, rather than on your desktop computer, providing you with greater assurance that your data will remain secure behind your company’s firewall.  

Satori Analytics’ technology partner is Arbutus Software Inc. Since 2003, Arbutus has focused on providing cutting-edge analytics and data access solutions to risk, audit, and compliance professionals.  

Satori SmartLink provides users seamless and direct access to SAP® ECC and S/4 HANA ERP transactional data. It enables risk, audit and compliance professionals complete independence from IT to access SAP data securely ensuring that the transactional data has not been compromised or manipulated on extraction providing greater assurance.   

Data downloads can be scheduled to run during off-peak hours to minimise the impact on the SAP system. Adhoc queries, can be run in real-time. 

Locating the required SAP tables from the many thousands that are available can be a real challenge. Satori SmartLink for SAP enables non-technical users to search and download tables by either name or description 

Satori SmartLink will allow users to search and extract data sets as per their current SAP® security credentials. Permission will need to be granted by the SAP® ERP administration team in order to extend a user’s access credentials.  

SmartLink can be up and running quickly, as minimal time and resources are required for implementation.  If users have SAP® access credentials, they can use Satori SmartLink to query and extract SAP® data without relying on components to be installed on your SAP® System by your company’s IT department. 

Satori SmartLink provides read-only access to source data meaning 100% assurance can be placed on every data set. 

Why choose Satori Analytics?

Experience and reputation  

Satori has been supporting the Australian and New Zealand Audit, Risk and Compliance profession for over 16 years.  During that time Satori has delivered hundreds of data analytics projects and training courses.   Satori has the experience and knowledge to advise customers on any query that may have relating to developing a successful data analytics program or project.  This experience and reputation combined with a world-class technology forms Satori Analytics.

Local Support  

Satori has a support desk open business days 7.30am – 5.30pm AEST.  Customers also have the ability to use our team of consultants based in Australia and New Zealand.

Free online training  

Customers get access to all online training material from beginner to advanced levels.


audit analytics ebook

What’s inside?

  • The 5 Levels of Audit Analytics Model
  • What risks to analyse a range of potential “low hanging fruit” tests for high risk areas including Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable
  • Important considerations and implications for auditors