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Satori Continuous Control Monitoring

Satori Continuous Control Monitoring is an automated process that management puts in place to ensure:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Operational controls
  • Cross system transactions

are operating  effectively, efficiently and continuously.

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ACL Analytics

ACLTM Analytics (Desktop) connects you to any data source, and lets you run sophisticated risk analytics and detect anomalies or patterns that you simply can’t show with any amount of random sampling, spreadsheet manipulation, or generic business intelligence. ACLTM  Analytics Exchange is all that and more: server technology gives you a centralized platform for collaborative team-based work, automated data extraction and blending with IT-trusted connections, and continuous monitoring. Find hidden anomalies and uncover strategic risks and opportunities—with the big data-crunching power and sustainability of a platform solution.

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Host Analytics – EPM platform

Host Analytics provides a single, cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform used for Financial Planning & Analysis (FPA).  It has everything you need — planning, consolidation, modeling, reporting, and analytics — in one place and accessible to everyone from anywhere. Host Analytics was named a Leader in both Gartner Magic Quadrants for Cloud Financial Close and Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions.


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Data Driven Governance Risk & Compliance

ACL GRC helps you succeed in your role by taking the spreadsheets, manual processes, and struggles to collaborate out of your day. Your focus can be spent to helping your organisation achieve goals, deliver services, and protect its reputation.

All of your activities are centralised in a modern workflow so you can focus your team on high-value critical thinking and let the technology aggregate your data and statuses for real-time decision making and reporting.

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Envisage – Budgeting Forecasting Reporting

Envisage is an out of the box application which works in conjunction with the organisations existing systems to enhance business performance. The key focuses of Envisage are ReportingForecasting and Budgeting, which gives management a dynamic look at their organisations performance. Envisage maximises an organisations Business Information functions and eliminates much of the challenges that come with a manual spreadsheet reporting environment.

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ACL Analytics Exchange

Sustainable analytics for advanced risk monitoring and performance insight.
Managing Data can be challenging, but the right tools can help you gain real and valuable insights. ACL’s analytic server can access, blend and analyse any data to fed into the system  and give you the deep insights necessary to improve performance.

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Dundas Business Intelligence
Dundas Logo

Dundas BI is an Enterprise-ready Business Intelligence solution with a focus on Data Visualisation and a self-service, single experience on one flexible platform for all users.
Dundas BITM gives you full control over your data so you can create stunning dashboards, embedded analytics and a personal user experience.

Your business gets more than just data exploration, it gets the perfect delivery needed to act on it.

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ACL SAP Direct Link

Accessing SAP application data doesn’t need to be a painful process. Establish autonomy from your overburdened IT team with ACLTM Direct Link, an easy-to-use SAP-Certified data extraction add-on for ACLTM Analytics and ACL GRCTM Analytics Exchange.

Gain direct, secure business intelligence from most SAP applications, including the latest SAP S/4HANA®. This not only reduces the workload for IT, but also empowers your team to easily include SAP data in analysis, leading to more complete coverage and better results.

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Satori Vendor Risk Management

SatoriVRM matches vendor ABNs through the (Creditor) WatchTM platform to determine a creditworthiness score for all your vendors. The scores are based on data from:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • Australian Business Register (ABR and ABN Lookup);
  • Insolvency notices from the Insolvency Notices Register administered by ASIC;
  • Actions from courts around Australia;
  • Payment defaults from 50,000+ organisations; and
  • Mercantile enquiries lodged by agents (debt collectors).
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ACL Robotics

Big Data is everywhere!  Managing data is the key to achieving better assurance, compliance, and risk management. The main barrier to success in any role is time. When your day revolves around time-consuming tasks like extracting and normalizing data, or chasing people to follow-up on exceptions—you can’t also be focused on turning your data into action. That’s where ACL Robotics can help.

ACL Robotics is designed to make governance professionals more efficient through automating time-intensive and repetitive processes.  It goes beyond any simple analytic solution or BI technology. ACL Robotics runs your data access, reporting, and remediation tasks from beginning to end. It reduces the number of tools you need, provides data in real time, and frees you up to focus delivering insights that will make the most impact.

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