Planful New Release February 2020

Planful has delivered a NEW user interface and collaboration upgrade, elevating organisational financial IQ.

The Latest Planful Product Release Rolls Out the Industry’s First Dynamic Commentary Feature.

Planful Inc. (formerly Host Analytics), a leading financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform provider, has announced a significant upgrade via its US Winter20 product release.
Enhancements include aesthetic improvements to the user interface and the launch of the FP&A platform industry’s first Dynamic Commentary feature.

“Our goal with every product update is to continue delivering the best FP&A platform on the market,” said Grant Halloran, Chief Executive Officer, Planful. “Our design mantra is ‘simple, fast, and beautiful’—this product release embodies these characteristics, providing a slick, modern look that customers love and a new game-changing commentary function that will dramatically simplify and enhance collaboration and decision-making across organisations.”

The refreshed user interface provides easier and more intuitive navigation. As part of Planful’s commitment to continuously improve the platform for customers, the company plans to make further upgrades to the user interface in upcoming product releases.

The new Dynamic Commentary feature enables customers and participants in their FP&A process to collaborate in real-time, easily communicate key insights and decisions, and understand the story behind the numbers. This capability is available across the platform, providing a comprehensive, contextual view of the decision-making process, making Planful a single source of data and financial conversations. Centralising conversations and planning activities in a single platform supercharges the Continuous Planning process, empowering businesses to accelerate decision-making, increase agility, and elevate the financial IQ of the entire organisation.

“Financial planning and decision making is a team sport. To be effective, these processes require ongoing collaboration across multiple business participants,” remarked Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President, Research Director, Ventana Research. “Business leaders must have collaboration tools that enable them to have that conversation in real time. By capturing and tracking these interactions as they evolve, all parties to the conversation are able to follow its evolution so they can easily understand the decisions made throughout the process in context and in one place. Planful’s introduction of Dynamic Commentary to their cloud FP&A platform brings this level of collaboration to its FP&A software.”.

Planful’s February 2020 product release contains several additional enhancements—both user-facing and behind the scenes—including the Automatic Data Refresh feature that updates data in near real-time, substantially improving speed and performance, eliminating manual clicks and wait-points, and ensuring data and reports are always up-to-date. This empowers users to work faster and more efficiently, with greater confidence in the numbers. The newest upgrades are inspired by Planful users, in order to provide the best, customer-centric FP&A platform available anywhere.