Manage your exceptions with our workflows

An Integrated Advantage for Monitoring

Satori helps you succeed in your role by taking the spreadsheets, manual processes, and struggles to collaborate out of your day.

All of your activities are centralised in a modern workflow so you can focus your team on high-value critical thinking and let the technology aggregate your data and statuses for real-time decision making and reporting.

Satori’s platform unites security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals around a single source of truth. No matter if you’re managing threats, assessing risk, measuring controls, monitoring compliance, or expanding assurance coverage, automate your manual tasks, blends organisation-wide data, and broadcasts it in easy-to-share dashboards and reports.

Strengthen Your Governance

Why Choose Satori?

  • Get the answers that drive strategic change.
  • Rally everyone around a single source of truth.
  • Lean on industry best practices and expert design.
  • Connect to any data source, automate data access and harmonisation.
  • Rely on real-time dashboards and know where you stand.
  • Satori offers a number of training opportunities to help you onboard and improve your skills.