FP&A Resources to help navigate an uncertain world

We’ve compiled this list of publicly available resources — we personally found these articles’ insights and guidance helpful, and we thought you might find them interesting and useful, too.

What the Experts Are Saying: Helpful Resources for FP&A

ABC :  NSW Government calls on manufacturers to re-tool for Covid-19

“With global supply chains more or less kneecapped and exports of essential medical supplies in high-demand, the NSW Government is calling on local manufacturers to re-tool..” As the pandemic turns many industries upside down, some industries are re-tooling and being encouraged to do so by the Government.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers: PwC’s COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey

Wondering what your finance peers are thinking and doing in response to COVID-19? This article from PwC lays out the top concerns and considerations from a recent survey of 55 finance professionals.

The Wall Street Journal — CFO Insights and Analysis from Deloitte: Capex Risk Modeling for COVID-19 Response

As the economic impacts of COVID-19 start to set in, finance professionals everywhere are focused on re-forecasting scenarios and assessing a variety of tangible and intangible variables in order to chart a risk-adjusted path forward. Charles Alsdorf, managing director at Deloitte, lays out a 4-step Framework that helps CFOs develop a risk-resilient plan to understand, prepare for, and mitigate business impacts and uncertainties: “Such planning can position the company to emerge as strong as possible as soon as possible.”

CFO Journal: Crisis Management: The Overlooked Leadership Skill

The word leadership is thrown around quite frequently but leadership comes in many different forms. This article dives into leadership strategies that can be deployed immediately and is a must read for anyone tasked with leading people and organisations through this uncertain time.

The Wall Street Journal — CFO Insights and Analysis from Deloitte: Financial Reporting Considerations for Virus Impacts

As the first quarter of 2020 for many companies ended yesterday, key accounting and disclosure considerations related to COVID-19 will arise, leaving a direct impact on financial reporting and financial statement disclosures. This article includes an overview of key accounting considerations that all finance leaders should be aware of, as well as recent public statements made by SEC Chairman Jay Clayton at the end of January and in mid-February.

McKinsey: Beyond Coronavirus: The Path to the Next Normal

How will the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affect our economic and social world order after the virus subsides? This article published by McKinsey explores five stages that we will experience, individually and collectively, as we fight the battle against COVID-19 and re-establish our “normal” lives.