Coca-Cola Amatil
SatoriCCM | Continuous Control Monitoring

About the Company

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), Coca-Cola Amatil Limited (CCA) is one of the largest bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages in the Asia-Pacific region, turning over $4.7 billion annually with a market capitlization $7.6 billion. CCA currently employs over 14,000 staff across six countries – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Samoa.

The Need for Change

Being an organisation which deals with large volumes of transactional data, CCA recognised the need for better practice. As Ray Armstrong, Group Manager of Security and Fraud Control described, “We had an anti-fraud summit which identified the need to monitor some of our finance systems – mainly credit card, accounts payable and payroll – that provided instantaneous data that we can apply analytics to.” Secondary to this need, CCA’s senior management also wanted to foster a change in the organisational behaviour of its staff.

Choosing a Solution

CCA required a solution which not only identified the exceptions in its transactional data, they needed something which also facilitated the handling and managing of these exceptions.  Therefore, SatoriCCM was an ideal choice. SatoriCCM identified the anomalies in CCA’s data, allocated these issues to key personnel for action, and the continuous control and monitoring aspect gradually resulted in a change in employees’ behaviour.


Despite implementing a premier continuous control and monitoring solution, CCA experienced teething problems fairly common amongst large organisations.  The staff did not take to the new product, and exceptions were subsequently not being followed up.  “Initially, CCM was not successful,” Ray said. “Change management was one of our key challenges and we had to ensure we had a strong education program to back this up.”  Once staff were fully informed about the product  they began seeing the benefits of SatoriCCM. Having used SatoriCCM to monitor their staff credit card activity, the results were astounding.  “We implemented that around 9 months ago, and as of two months ago our credit card usage has been down significantly as has overall credit card expense,” Ray said. SatoriCCM assisted in delivering a change in culture.  “It was one of the catalysts for the policies and new procedures which ultimately lead to the behavioural changes we needed to implement” Ray offers.