About ACDA certification

What is ACDA Certification

The ACL Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) is an industry-recognised certification which showcases your skills and abilities. We encourage all ACL clients to become certified.

To help you prepare, check out the preparation section which includes study topics, review questions, and additional resources to help you prepare. Please review the ACL Certification FAQ for additional details.

Benefits of ACDA Certification

  • Certificate of achievement
  • Obtain industry recognition as an ACL Certified Data Analyst
  • Earn CPE credits by completing recommended prerequisite course

Understand the Exam

ACDA Intermediate certification is comprised of four levels intended to assess your capabilities as an intermediate-level data analyst. You should be comfortable importing, preparing and analysing data, reporting findings, as well as writing basic scripts.

Levels 1-3

  • Approximately 30 questions per level
  • Duration is 90 minutes
  • Passing score is 70%
  • Exams are offered through ACL Academy

Level 4

  • 30 questions which assess your ability to analyze sample data
  • Estimated duration is 4 hours
  • Passing score is 70%
  • Deadline is 5 days after enrolling
  • Exam is offered through ACL Academy

Levels 1 to 3 are included with your ACL software subscription.


Level 4 costs $400 USD whether you’re taking it for the first time or reattempting it.

Ensure your success

  • 1+ year experience applying ACL Analytics within business context
  • Complete the ACL Analytics Foundations Program and ACL 201 Applications courses and exams on ACL Academy
  • Write basic scripts and implement ScriptHub snippets
  • Review the preparation section

Install the non-Unicode version of ACL Analytics to ensure compatibility with the exam project data


Register for the exam on ACL Academy. A valid ACL software subscription is required. You will have 5 days to complete the course from the moment you register.